R-Litter Born: 2011-06-13
(Multi Ch. Multi winner Faouziah’s Faramir x Multi Ch. Multi winner Enigma Strike A Pose )

Enigma Rock Star
Enigma Rocket Science
Enigma Rolling Stone (exp.)
Enigma Ruby Red Sparkles
Enigma Something To Remember
Enigma Sweet Ruth O’Mine
Enigma Summer Rose

 The Dream Litter Born: 2010-12-15
(SE & FI UCh Enigma Black Magic x SE UCh FinJV-09 NordJV-09 Khani’s Midnight Star)

Enigma Dreamcatcher
Enigma Dream Come True
Enigma I Have A Dream
Enigma In Your Dreams
Enigma Living The Dream

 The Ego Litter Born: 2009-12-18
(Ch. Faraoland Point Taken x Swe & Fi Ch. NordV-07 NordJV-07 Enigma Touch Of Magic)

CC-winner Enigma After Me Please
Enigma I Do It My Way
CAC-winner Enigma It’s All About Me
CC-winner Enigma It’s My Party
NordJV-10 NordV-2010 NordV-2011 SBIS BIS Enigma Just Watch Me
RuJCH RUS Ch. BIS Enigma Look At Me

 Q-Litter Born: 2009-02-17
(Italian Ch. JEUW-07 Enigma One Step Ahead x Nordic Ch. JWW-06 SLCCh. Nefer-Temu Samba Rhythms To Enigma )

Enigma Quantum Of Solace
It Ch. Enigma Quick Step (exp.)
Ir Ch. Enigma Quite A Showgirl (exp.)
RUS & Chinese & Korean Ch. Enigma Star Quest (exp.)
Enigma Supreme Queen

 The Slogan Litter Born: 2008-12-20
(Int Ch. Multiwinner Faraoland Bluetooth Enigma x Ch. Unique Creation Out Of Africa)

Enigma Makes People Talk

 P-Litter Born: 2007-03-11
(Multi Ch. WW-03 NordV-02-03-04-06, SV-02-05-06 NV-01-03 FinV-05 Antefa’s Minas Tirith x Multi Ch. EUW-05 NordV-05 WW-06 SV-06 Enigma Surprise Me )
Puppy photos

Enigma Perfect Style (exp.)
C.I.B & Nordic, Nor Ch. Enigma Seeking Perfection (exp.)
CC-winner Enigma Share The Passion
Swe & Fi Ch. Enigma Solo Performer
Fi & Lv Ch. Enigma Specific Purpose (exp.)
CC-winner Enigma Stellar Performance
C.I.B & Nordic, Hu, Est Ch. NordJV-07 SV-08-09 JWW-08 EUW-08 WW-09 NordV-09 Enigma Strike A Pose
Enigma Stunning Picture (exp.)

 The Magical Litter Born: 2006-12-27
(Ch. SV-05 Faraoland Viking Of Venture x Ch. Unique Creation Out Of Africa)
Puppy photos

Enigma Spellbound (exp.)
Swe & Nor Ch. Enigma The Magician
Enigma Hocus Pocus
Swe & Fi Ch. NordV-07 NordJV-07 Enigma Touch Of Magic
Swe & Fi Ch. Enigma Black Magic

 O-Litter Born: 2006-05-03
(Ch. NordV-05 Siphra’s Pied Piper x Multi Ch. EUW-05 NordV-05 WW-06 SV-06 Enigma Surprise Me )
Puppy photos

Aust Ch. Enigma On Stage (exp.)
It Ch. JEUW-07 Enigma One Step Ahead (exp.)
Swe & Norw Ch. Enigma Open Sesame
Swe Ch. Enigma Smooth Operator
Enigma Special Occasion
Swe Ch. Enigma Standing Ovations
Swe Ch. Enigma Superlicious Outfit

 N-Litter Born: 2004-10-03
(Int & Nordic Ch. SV-01 SBIS Siphra’s Super Trouper x Int & Nordic Ch. Enigma She’s One Of A Kind )
Puppy photos
Nordic Ch. NordJV-05 Enigma Neon Sky (exp.)
Swe & Norw Ch. Enigma Northern Star
GB & Irish Ch. Enigma Second To None (exp.)
Int, PL, CZ, SK JunCh. RO, BiH, PL, CZ & LVCh BIS Enigma Special News (exp.)
Crufts qualified, Enigma Super Natural (exp.)

 M-Litter Born: 2003-04-16
(SCh. Siphra’s Unknown Solider x SCh SLCCh Enigma Joyful Spirit )
Puppy photos
Swe & Fin Ch. Enigma Mellon In Shire
Swe Ch. Enigma Seize The Moment
Swe & DK Ch. SLCCh KBHV-08 Enigma Sheer Magic
Int, Nord, Fin & Pl Ch. EUW-05 NordV-05-07 WW-06 SV-06 NV-07 VWW-11 NordVV-11 SBIS BIS Enigma Surprise Me

 L-Litter Born: 2001-05-02
(Int & Nordic Ch. SV-01 SBIS Siphra´s Super Trouper x Swe Ch. Enigma Smashing Jade)
Puppy photos
Int & Nordic Ch. Enigma Leading Story
Int & Nordic Ch. Enigma Lone Star
CC-winner Enigma Say It Loud
Int, GB & Irish Ch. SBIS Enigma Score The Lot With Actolia (exp.)
Am. Ch. Enigma See You Later (exp.)
Swe Ch. SLCCh Enigma Set For Life
Am. Ch. Enigma She´s A Lady (exp.)
CC-winner Enigma Significant Legacy at Beayncara (exp.)
Enigma Such Is Life
Int & Nordic Ch. SV-02-03 WW-03 KBHV-03 Enigma Summer Love

 K-Litter Born: 2000-08-13

(Am & Fin Ch. WW-00 FinW-00 CVM-01 NordW-01 Fin & Swe LC Ch. Siphra´s Hard Days Night x
Int. Nordic & DK Ch. Enigma I´m The One And Only)
Puppy photos

Int & Nordic Ch. Enigma She´s One Of A Kind

 J-Litter Born: 1997-09-16
(S Ch. Antefa´s Hapi x Int & Nordic Ch SBIS Enigma Sophia)
Swe Ch. SLCCh Enigma Joyful Spirit
Swe Ch. Enigma Smashing Jade
Enigma Smiling Josephine
Enigma Sophia´s Jet Set (exp.)
Am. Ch. Enigma Sovereign Journey (exp.)
Swe Ch. Enigma Steadfast Jasper
Swe Ch. Enigma Stylish Jazz

 I-Litter Born: 1996-11-04
(Int. S & N Ch Merymut Adonis x Int Nordic & N Ch. NordicW-95 Enigma Sunny Honey)
Int. Nordic & DK Ch. Enigma I´m The One And Only

 H-Litter Born: 1993-05-19
(Int. Nord Ch. EW-95 NordW-98 Antefa´s Jabbah-Kaa x Int. Nord Ch SBIS Enigma Sophia)
Int. Nordic & Fin Ch. Nordic Winner -94 Enigma Shimmering Hawk
Multi Ch, Multi Winner SBIS BIS Enigma Shining Hickory
N & S Ch. NW-94-96 Enigma Silky Hazel (exp.)
S Ch. Enigma Successful Hunter
Int Nordic & N Ch. Nordic Winner -95 Enigma Sunny Honey
Am. Ch. SBIS Enigma Sweet Heatherbell (exp.)

 S-Litter Born: 1990-03-25
(Int S & N Ch. Merymut Adonis x Int S & N Ch. NordicW-87 Enigma Saphira)
Enigma Selim
Enigma Serena
Enigma Sicilia (exp.)
Int & Nordic Ch. SBIS Enigma Sophia
Enigma Strega

 S-Litter Born: 1988-01-07
(Int S & N Ch. Merymut Adonis x Int S & N Ch. NordicW-87 Enigma Saphira)
Enigma Safir
Enigma Sephyr
S Ch. Enigma Smyrna

 S-Litter Born: 1984-10-17
(S & N Ch. Antefa´s Cnuphi-Chnum x Int Nord Ch. Enigma Shepenopet)

Enigma Samir
Enigma Sammeth
Enigma Samos
Enigma Samum
Enigma Sannah (exp.)
Int S & N Ch. NordW-87 Enigma Saphira

 S-Litter Born: 1982-03-27
(S Ch. Enigma Sceptre x S & SF Ch. Enigma Selene)

Enigma Salamander
Int Nord Ch. Enigma Salomon (exp.)
Enigma Saltarella
Enigma Sarabande
Enigma Saracen

 S-Litter Born: 1980-03-25
(S Ch. Enigma Sceptre x Int Nord Ch. Caversfield Carmen)

Enigma Sekhemhet
S Ch. Enigma Sennufer
Int Nordic Ch. Enigma Shepenopet
Enigma Sethos (exp.)

 S-Litter Born: 1977-03-25
(Int. Nord Ch. Merymut Khephri x Int. Nord Ch. Caversfield Carmen)

Enigma Sefres
Swe & Fin Ch. Enigma Selene
S & SF Ch. Enigma Senebet
Enigma Serapis (exp.)
Enigma Sneferu
S Ch. Enigma Sokaris
Int Nord Ch. NordW-78-82 Enigma Sphex

 S-Litter Born: 1975-01-27
(Int Nord Ch. Merymut Khephri x S & SF Ch. Merymut Nephtys)

Enigma Sachmet-Ankh
Enigma Sati-Nofer
Enigma Scarabee
S Ch. Enigma Sceptre
Enigma Scorpion
Int Nordic Ch. Enigma Selket-Nut
Int Nordic Ch. LP Enigma Seschat-Ata
Enigma Seshta-Neith