Past litters

The Light-Litter Born: 2020-01-02
(Ch. Faraoland Ibra The Starplayer x Ch. Takuini Dark Flame Enigma)
Enigma In The Spotlight
Enigma Dancing In The Moonlight
Enigma Lovin’ The Limelight
Enigma Highlight Of The Ball
Enigma Starlight Girl
Enigma She’s A Delight
T-Litter Born: 2019-04-18
(Ch. Alex Flaming Storm x Ch. Enigma Serendipity)
Enigma True Soulmate
Enigma Smooth Talker
Enigma Super Trendy
Enigma Secret Treasure (exp Poland)
Enigma Tawny Stardust
The Royalty-Litter Born: 2017-12-27
(Ch. Afrikenji Hunting High And Low x Ch. Enigma Posing For Paparazzi)
CAC-winner JEUW-18NOJV-18  SEJV-18 SEV-18 Enigma I’m King Of The World
CAC-winner DKJV-18 SEV-19 Enigma Hey Mr President
CAC-winner SE JV-19 Enigma The Liquorice Heiress
CAC-winner SEJV-18 SEV-19 Enigma Yes Your Highness
Enigma The First Lady Speaks


The Pink-Litter Born: 2016-12-15
(Ch. Kenjaali’s Heeere’s Johnny x Ch. Enigma I Live For The Applause)

CAC-winner Enigma Just Like Fire
CAC-winner Enigma Get The Party Started
SE Ch. Enigma Raise Yor Glass
Enigma Glitter In The Air

S-Litter Born: 2016-02-02

(Multi Ch. Bazinga A Storm Of Swords x SE & CR Ch. Enigma Ruby Red Sparkles)
Ch. Enigma Snow Storm
American Ch Enigma Silver Seraph (exp. USA)
American Ch Enigma samuraj Spirit (exp. USA)
CAC-winner Enigma Sir Of Sweden (exp. Czech Rep.)
Enigma Saintly Signs
SE, NO, FIN Ch. German (VDH) Ch. Enigma Serendipity
Enigma Swanky Socialite
SE Ch Enigma Sixth Sense
American Grand Ch. Enigma Starlit Sky (exp. USA)
SE, NO Ch BISS Enigma Sparkling Supernova
The Famous-litter Born: 2014-02-08
(Multi Ch. Kingwana’s Hellblazer Of D’Guard x SE & FIN Ch. Enigma After Me Please)

Multi Ch. Enigma Walking The Red Carpet (exp. Italy)
C.I.B. SE & NO, DK Ch. Enigma Posing For Paparazzi
SE Ch. Enigma I Live For The Applause


 R-Litter Born: 2011-06-13
(Multi Ch. Multi winner Faouziah’s Faramir x Multi Ch. Multi winner Enigma Strike A Pose )

CH. Enigma Rock Star
Enigma Rocket Science
Enigma Rolling Stone (exp.)
SE & CR Ch.Enigma Ruby Red Sparkles
SE Ch..Enigma Something To Remember
SE Ch.Enigma Sweet Ruth O’Mine
Enigma Summer Rose

 The Dream Litter Born: 2010-12-15
(SE & FI UCh Enigma Black Magic x SE UCh FinJV-09 NordJV-09 Khani’s Midnight Star)

SE Ch.Enigma Dreamcatcher
SE Ch. LP1 Enigma Dream Come True
SE Ch. Enigma I Have A Dream
SE Ch.Enigma In Your Dreams
NO Ch. Enigma Living The Dream

 The Ego Litter Born: 2009-12-18
(Ch. Faraoland Point Taken x Swe & Fi Ch. NordV-07 NordJV-07 Enigma Touch Of Magic)

SE & FIN Ch. Enigma After Me Please
Enigma I Do It My Way
Multi Ch. Enigma It’s All About Me
CC-winner Enigma It’s My Party
NordJV-10 NordV-10-11- 15 SEV-13-14 SBIS BIS Enigma Just Watch Me
RuJCH RUS Ch. BIS Enigma Look At Me

 Q-Litter Born: 2009-02-17
(Italian Ch. JEUW-07 Enigma One Step Ahead x Nordic Ch. JWW-06 SLCCh. Nefer-Temu Samba Rhythms To Enigma )

Enigma Quantum Of Solace
It Ch. Enigma Quick Step (exp.)
Ir Ch. Enigma Quite A Showgirl (exp.)
RUS & Chinese & Korean Ch. Enigma Star Quest (exp.)
Enigma Supreme Queen

 The Slogan Litter Born: 2008-12-20
(Int Ch. Multiwinner Faraoland Bluetooth Enigma x Ch. Unique Creation Out Of Africa)

Enigma Makes People Talk

 P-Litter Born: 2007-03-11
(Multi Ch. WW-03 NordV-02-03-04-06, SV-02-05-06 NV-01-03 FinV-05 Antefa’s Minas Tirith x Multi Ch. EUW-05 NordV-05 WW-06 SV-06 Enigma Surprise Me )
Puppy photos

Enigma Perfect Style (exp.)
C.I.B & Nordic, Nor Ch. Enigma Seeking Perfection (exp.)
CC-winner Enigma Share The Passion
Swe & Fi Ch. Enigma Solo Performer
Fi & Lv Ch. Enigma Specific Purpose (exp.)
CC-winner Enigma Stellar Performance
C.I.B & Nordic, Hu, Est Ch. NordJV-07 SV-08-09 JWW-08 EUW-08 WW-09 NordV-09 Enigma Strike A Pose
Enigma Stunning Picture (exp.)

 The Magical Litter Born: 2006-12-27
(Ch. SV-05 Faraoland Viking Of Venture x Ch. Unique Creation Out Of Africa)
Puppy photos

Enigma Spellbound (exp.)
Swe & Nor Ch. Enigma The Magician
Enigma Hocus Pocus
Swe & Fi Ch. NordV-07 NordJV-07 Enigma Touch Of Magic
Swe & Fi Ch. Enigma Black Magic

 O-Litter Born: 2006-05-03
(Ch. NordV-05 Siphra’s Pied Piper x Multi Ch. EUW-05 NordV-05 WW-06 SV-06 Enigma Surprise Me )
Puppy photos

Aust Ch. Enigma On Stage (exp.)
It Ch. JEUW-07 Enigma One Step Ahead (exp.)
Swe & Norw Ch. Enigma Open Sesame
Swe Ch. Enigma Smooth Operator
Enigma Special Occasion
Swe Ch. Enigma Standing Ovations
Swe Ch. Enigma Superlicious Outfit

 N-Litter Born: 2004-10-03
(Int & Nordic Ch. SV-01 SBIS Siphra’s Super Trouper x Int & Nordic Ch. Enigma She’s One Of A Kind )
Puppy photos
Nordic Ch. NordJV-05 Enigma Neon Sky (exp.)
Swe & Norw Ch. Enigma Northern Star
GB & Irish Ch. Enigma Second To None (exp.)
Int, PL, CZ, SK JunCh. RO, BiH, PL, CZ & LVCh BIS Enigma Special News (exp.)
Crufts qualified, Enigma Super Natural (exp.)

 M-Litter Born: 2003-04-16
(SCh. Siphra’s Unknown Solider x SCh SLCCh Enigma Joyful Spirit )
Puppy photos
Swe & Fin Ch. Enigma Mellon In Shire
Swe Ch. Enigma Seize The Moment
Swe & DK Ch. SLCCh KBHV-08 Enigma Sheer Magic
Int, Nord, Fin & Pl Ch. EUW-05 NordV-05-07 WW-06 SV-06 NV-07 VWW-11 NordVV-11 SBIS BIS Enigma Surprise Me

 L-Litter Born: 2001-05-02
(Int & Nordic Ch. SV-01 SBIS Siphra´s Super Trouper x Swe Ch. Enigma Smashing Jade)
Puppy photos
Int & Nordic Ch. Enigma Leading Story
Int & Nordic Ch. Enigma Lone Star
CC-winner Enigma Say It Loud
Int, GB & Irish Ch. SBIS Enigma Score The Lot With Actolia (exp.)
Am. Ch. Enigma See You Later (exp.)
Swe Ch. SLCCh Enigma Set For Life
Am. Ch. Enigma She´s A Lady (exp.)
CC-winner Enigma Significant Legacy at Beayncara (exp.)
Enigma Such Is Life
Int & Nordic Ch. SV-02-03 WW-03 KBHV-03 Enigma Summer Love

 K-Litter Born: 2000-08-13

(Am & Fin Ch. WW-00 FinW-00 CVM-01 NordW-01 Fin & Swe LC Ch. Siphra´s Hard Days Night x
Int. Nordic & DK Ch. Enigma I´m The One And Only)
Puppy photos

Int & Nordic Ch. Enigma She´s One Of A Kind

 J-Litter Born: 1997-09-16
(S Ch. Antefa´s Hapi x Int & Nordic Ch SBIS Enigma Sophia)
Swe Ch. SLCCh Enigma Joyful Spirit
Swe Ch. Enigma Smashing Jade
Enigma Smiling Josephine
Enigma Sophia´s Jet Set (exp.)
Am. Ch. Enigma Sovereign Journey (exp.)
Swe Ch. Enigma Steadfast Jasper
Swe Ch. Enigma Stylish Jazz

 I-Litter Born: 1996-11-04
(Int. S & N Ch Merymut Adonis x Int Nordic & N Ch. NordicW-95 Enigma Sunny Honey)
Int. Nordic & DK Ch. Enigma I´m The One And Only

 H-Litter Born: 1993-05-19
(Int. Nord Ch. EW-95 NordW-98 Antefa´s Jabbah-Kaa x Int. Nord Ch SBIS Enigma Sophia)
Int. Nordic & Fin Ch. Nordic Winner -94 Enigma Shimmering Hawk
Multi Ch, Multi Winner SBIS BIS Enigma Shining Hickory
N & S Ch. NW-94-96 Enigma Silky Hazel (exp.)
S Ch. Enigma Successful Hunter
Int Nordic & N Ch. Nordic Winner -95 Enigma Sunny Honey
Am. Ch. SBIS Enigma Sweet Heatherbell (exp.)

 S-Litter Born: 1990-03-25
(Int S & N Ch. Merymut Adonis x Int S & N Ch. NordicW-87 Enigma Saphira)
Enigma Selim
Enigma Serena
Enigma Sicilia (exp.)
Int & Nordic Ch. SBIS Enigma Sophia
Enigma Strega

 S-Litter Born: 1988-01-07
(Int S & N Ch. Merymut Adonis x Int S & N Ch. NordicW-87 Enigma Saphira)
Enigma Safir
Enigma Sephyr
S Ch. Enigma Smyrna

 S-Litter Born: 1984-10-17
(S & N Ch. Antefa´s Cnuphi-Chnum x Int Nord Ch. Enigma Shepenopet)

Enigma Samir
Enigma Sammeth
Enigma Samos
Enigma Samum
Enigma Sannah (exp.)
Int S & N Ch. NordW-87 Enigma Saphira

 S-Litter Born: 1982-03-27
(S Ch. Enigma Sceptre x S & SF Ch. Enigma Selene)

Enigma Salamander
Int Nord Ch. Enigma Salomon (exp.)
Enigma Saltarella
Enigma Sarabande
Enigma Saracen

 S-Litter Born: 1980-03-25
(S Ch. Enigma Sceptre x Int Nord Ch. Caversfield Carmen)

Enigma Sekhemhet
S Ch. Enigma Sennufer
Int Nordic Ch. Enigma Shepenopet
Enigma Sethos (exp.)

 S-Litter Born: 1977-03-25
(Int. Nord Ch. Merymut Khephri x Int. Nord Ch. Caversfield Carmen)

Enigma Sefres
Swe & Fin Ch. Enigma Selene
S & SF Ch. Enigma Senebet
Enigma Serapis (exp.)
Enigma Sneferu
S Ch. Enigma Sokaris
Int Nord Ch. NordW-78-82 Enigma Sphex

 S-Litter Born: 1975-01-27
(Int Nord Ch. Merymut Khephri x S & SF Ch. Merymut Nephtys)

Enigma Sachmet-Ankh
Enigma Sati-Nofer
Enigma Scarabee
S Ch. Enigma Sceptre
Enigma Scorpion
Int Nordic Ch. Enigma Selket-Nut
Int Nordic Ch. LP Enigma Seschat-Ata
Enigma Seshta-Neith