Our Dogs

Pharaoh Hound

German (VDH), SE, NO, FIN Ch. Enigma Serendipity
“Hilda”, born in 2016

Enigma Sixth Sense
“Sazza” (lives with Jörgen Tingshammar on breeding terms), born in 2016.

SE, DK, FIN & NO Ch. RLD N&F&A&M, lydnad startkass Alex Flaming Storm
“Poncha”, born in 2012. (co-owned with Emelie Arwinge who has done all the great work with his titles)

Ch. Rhodepark Star At Enigma
“Casper”, born in 2008 (co-owned with Ulrika Eriksson)

Enigma Smooth Talker
“Rocko”, born 2019 (owner Peder Lönn)

Enigma Super Trendy
“Thea”, born 2019


C.I.B Swe, Dk & Fin Ch NordJV-09 FinJV-09 SEV-10 Khani’s Midnight Star
“Kayla”, born in 2008 (imp USA)


C.I.B. SE, DK, NO & FIN Ch. DKJV-15 NORDJV-15 Takuini Dark Flame Enigma
“Katniss”, born in 2015 (imp Russia) Swedish champion on track racing 2016, lure coursing license.

CC-winner, lure coursing license Enigma The Liquorice Heiress
“Trolla”, born in 2018

Enigma Lovin’ The Limelight
“Lysa”, born in 2020.

Enigma Just Like Fire
“Harry”, born in 2016. Co-owned with Ulrika Eriksson.

Gonczy Polski
(owned by Magnus & Sofie)

Diploma on wildboar (GK diplomtest vildsvin), BOB-winner
Czakra Liliowa Zagroda
“Czakra”, born 2015. (Died in 2017 from Pemphigus foleaseus)

C.I.E. PL & DK Ch. JWW-18 JEUW-18 SEV-18-19 NordV-19 HeW-19 Grandel Inwy Odszukac Wiatr
GK diplomtest Vildsvin, GK anlagstest viltspår, BPH
“Piotr”, born in 2017.

Hawajka Bewy Odszukac Wiatr
GK anlagstest viltspår, CK/BIM på utställning
“Siostra”, born 2018

The Polish hunting dogs is mainly Magnus’ hunting companions even though they will make appearances with Sofie in the showring as well. This breed is used mainly for hunting wildboar.