We are proud to present to you some of the highlights we have had in all our years of breeding and showing Pharaoh Hounds and Basenjis!


Ch. Merymut Nephtys, Cindy, became the breed’s first FCI champion in Europe.


Merymut Kephri was top winning Pharaoh Hound in Sweden.


To our knowledge the first group placement for a Pharaoh Hound in Sweden came through Carmen at the International KC show in Vänersborg. She was placed third in the group under judge Mr. Hubert Arthur, GB. Both Carmen and Kephri followed up with several group placements of which one of the greater was Carmen’s Group 4 at Stockholm International Winter show the same year.

At the official KC obedience trial in Gävle Peder and Khephri was placed second out of 78 dogs of all breeds. This time they got 176 points in class I.

Kehpri was best obedience dog at the official trial at Skokloster with fantastic 192 points out of 200 possible!

Carmen was top winning Pharaoh Hound this year.


Ch. Caversfield Carmen was top winning Pharaoh Hound in Sweden.



Khephri won a Group 3 at Skokloster! This was the first placement for a Pharaoh Hound at this prestigious Sighthound show.

Once again Carmen was top winning Pharaoh Hound!


For the first time Swedish bred Pharaoh Hounds take the lead! Ch. Enigma Sphex, Malte, was top winning Pharaoh Hound in Sweden and Ch. Enigma Selket-Nut, Lillan, was BOB at the Sighthound Club show at Skokloster.


Ch. Enigma Seschat-Ata, Sandie, was top winning Pharaoh Hound in Sweden.


Ch. Enigma Shepenopet, Emma, was top winning Pharaoh Hound in Sweden.


Once again Malte was top winning Pharaoh Hound.


Nine years old Malte went all the way to the top again as the top winning Pharaoh Hound in Sweden at the year end!


Malte becomes the first Pharaoh Hound to win a BIS-Veteran at a KC show at 11 years of age!


Int. Nordic Fin Ch. KBHV-95 SW-96 NordW-96 NW-01 SW-01 SBIS Enigma Shining Hickory, Napi, becomes the first Swedish Best In Show winner! The first to win a BIS at a KC show in Scandinavia and the first bitch in Europe! This historic win happened in Biri, Norway and BIS was judged by Mr. Rainer Vourinen from Finland.

Photo by Westman


Int. Nordic Ch. SBIS Enigma Sophia, Sucki, was invited to the very glamorous “Veteran Of Veterans” as the first Pharaoh Hound ever! She became runner up to the Rottweiler Multi Ch. Rottrivers Gaston.

We were No. 10 in the Swedish kennel club competition “Breeder Of The year” for all breeds!


This year Sucki was invited to the prestigious “Champion of Champions” at the Grand Hotel in Stockholm!



Once again Sucki was invited to Veteran Of Veterans!

US Ch. Enigma Sweet Heather-Bell, Bell, won the Eastern Specialty in the USA. She is the first import to win a specialty in America since AKC’s recognition of the breed.


We were very honoured to receive the Stockholm Kennel Club award for “Breeder Of The Year”!


This year it was Napi’s turn to get the invitations! She not only managed to get invited to Veteran Of Veterans but also to Champion Of Champions! She was the only dog who had qualified to both events that year and the first Pharaoh Hound ever to do so!

We were No. 3 Breeder Of The Year, all breeds!

Getting our prize in the Breeder of The Year competition!

Napi was top winning Pharaoh Hound in Sweden!

Napi after winning BIS at the Pharaoh Hound Club Specialty!


And Napi did it again… She managed to get invited to both Veteran Of Veterans and Champion Of champions and she did very well as runner up to a beautiful Cairn terrier in the veteran’s competition.

First time ever we entered at a World Dog Show! Int, S, DK & Fin Ch. SV-02 WW-03 KBHV-03 SV-03
Enigma Summer Love, Glimma, was BOB, Group-2 and the best placed Swedish owned dog of all breeds!

Glimma BOB at the World Dog Show in Dortmund


Glimma and Slaine (UK & Irish Ch. Enigma Score The Lot) attended Crufts as the only two ‘Enigma’ and they ended up as BOB and BOS!! What a fantastic day! And as if that wasn’t enough Glimma also won third place in the Houndgroup as the first Pharaoh Hound ever placed at Crufts!

The judge is looking at Glimma in the houndgroup at Crufts. Photo: Karl Donvil

Napi was invited to Veteran of Veterans at Easter eve this year as well and Glimma was invited to Champion Of Champions! Both girls did great showing off their beauty on stage!


Ch. Enigma Surprise Me, Vega, and Int & Nord Ch. Enigma Lone Star, Tage, went to Crufts and returned home with BOB and BOS! RCC in dogs also went to Slaine..

Vega in the hound group. Photo: Karl Donvil

The most incredible win!

At the European Winner Show 2005 in Tulln, Austria, Int & S, N, DK, Fin, PL Ch. EUW-05 NordV-05-07 WW-06 SV-06 NV-07 VWW-11 SBIS BIS Enigma Surprise Me, Vega, went all the way to BEST IN SHOW over 10.500 dogs!
Another great win for Vega!
At the international show in Askersund in Sweden Vega won Best In Show!
Photo: Jack Brander
Innehavare av Svenska Kennelklubbens Bruksuppfödarepris!
In November 2005 we received, as the first Pharaoh Hound breeder ever, the Swedish Kennel Club Award for breeders who title their dogs in working dog events. We are very proud of this award and thankful to all puppy buyers!



Faraoland Bluetooth Enigma, Harley, won six BEST IN SHOW PUPPY in the summer of 2006. He is the first basenji to win this many and may even be the only puppy ever to win this many BIS in Sweden. His age at theese wins were between six and eight months.

He won BIS at Visby, Högbo Bruk x 2, Askersund, Norrköping and Nyköping.

Int & S, N, DK, Fin, PL Ch. EUW-05 NordV-05-07 WW-06 SV-06 NV-07 VWW-11 SBIS BIS
Enigma Surprise Me, Vega, Top Pharaoh Hound & Harley Top Basenji Puppy 2006

Vega and Harley



Swe & DK Ch. SLCCh SVCH KBHV-08 Enigma Sheer Magic, Zäta, was top winning Pharaoh Hound in Lure Coursing 2007!

Int, Swe, Norw, Fin, Dan, Est Ch. SV-07-08-09-10 NV-07-09 NORDV-08 WW-11 SBIS Faraoland Bluetooth Enigma, Harley, was top winning Basenji 2007 and Swe & Nor Ch. Enigma The Magician, Viggo, was top winning Basenji puppy.

Int & S, N, DK, Fin, PL Ch. EUW-05 NordV-05-07 WW-06 SV-06 NV-07 VWW-11 SBIS BIS Enigma Surprise Me, Vega, was top winning Pharaoh Hound bitch once again, despite giving birth to her second litter in the spring.


Harley won BIS-4 at the Swedish Winner Show in Gothenburgh in January. With this win he also won Marianne Fürst-Danielsson’s trophy for best placed Swedish bred dog at the show! Around 5700 dogs entered.

Harley BIS-4! Photo: Jonas Peterson

Innehavare av Svenska Vinthundklubbens uppfödarmedalj!
In July we recieved the Swedish Sighthound Club’s breeder medal. This is a prize for breeders that by the club have been chosen for meritorius breeding within ones breed.


For the third consecutive year Harley was TOP BASENJI in Sweden and for the second year in a row he won the Swedish Basenji Specialty!

History was written this year when Zäta became the breed’s first field tracking champion!

This year was also a great year abroad for our dogs with Inez winning the WW-2009 title in Bratislava and both Vega and Harley winning CC’s at Crufts.


Harley was qualified for Champion Of Champions at Grand Hotel in Stockholm, and made it to the quarter finals.

Justin, our new rising star, won BIS-1 puppy at KC shows six times! This is a record he now holds together with Harley that won the same number of BIS-1 between the age of 6 and 9 months. Just out of puppy class Justin won BOB and Group-2 at Stockholm International Winter show from junior class…



Both Justin and Yra had qualified to Puppy Of The Year at the Grand Hotel in Stockholm. Yra was runner up among the bitches. Also Harley’s daughter “Lily” from Faraoland had qualified and attended.

C.I.B. SE, DK, NO & FIN Ch. NordV-10-11-15 SEV-13-14 SBIS BIS Enigma Just Watch, Justin, win BEST IN SHOW, only 18 months old, at Avesta KC show over 2500 dogs.

Only a week after the best in show-win Justin also wins Best Specialty In Show at the Swedish Basenjispecialty 2011. It was a rather fantastic specialty for us, under the late highly respected judge Hans Lehtinen, with Harley coming in as second best male, Yra (Ch. Enigma After Me Please) as BOS and Kayla as second best bitch. On top of that Justin won Best Movement and Harley Best Head!

Our Multi Ch. Faraoland Bluetooth Enigma, Harley, could add another title to his name after visiting Paris. Going BOB at the World Dog Show over 80 basenjis and winning the title WW-11. Vega won BOB veteran and the title VWW-11.

This year Justin was Top Basenji and Kayla was top basenji bitch.


Justin finished his champion title at SSUK in Eskilsutna with BEST IN SHOW. This year he also finished the international title in Finland. Justin was top basenji male this year, some of his nice wins was a BIS-4 at Tvååker over 3000 dogs and BIS-2in Visby.


Harley came out of semi-retirement at seven and a half years of age for the World dog show in Budapest. He made is come back with a bang, BOB under breed specialist Christian Jounchicot, Out Of Africa kennels. This was Harley second BOB at a World dog show!

Justin was again BOB at the Swedish Winner show in Stockholm.