This is the most strange year as we have had almost no shows or activities due to covid-19. Just this past month activities has started in a very small scale.
Though we have been active with our dogs anyway!

Our Gonczy Polski Piotr has done a wildboar test, a tracking test and BPH (behaviour test) –  all with flying colours! His sister Siostra has also done the aptitude test in tracking. Hunting season is just starting up!

The basenjis Trolla and Morten completed their Lure Coursing licenses and have also so far been to one official trial where Morten won! Trolla, Katniss and Lysa has also been to the race track several times this summer, many times accompanied by kennel friends Morten, Petra, Edele, Blixten, Hera and Leya.

In September we finall had a breed show to look forward to. Unofficial – but still a show with lots of basenjis! Lysa went BIS Puppy and Blixten BOS Puppy. Edele won best wrinkles and best paws. Morten was best male 2 and won “Best Head”. It was a great day!

A few others Thea, Rocko, Edele and Hera has also been to unoffcial shows with lovely results and behaving beautifully. We are now looking forward to the official shows being able to start up again.
In May we also did a photo shoot with Anna Szabo and you can see some of the photos of Piotr, Rocko, Thea and Lysa.

This summer we also had a lot of time to explore our surroundings, going for long walks in nature reservs, going swimming with the dogs and so on! Rocko and Thea has also taken rally obedience classes. We have a couple of Lure Coursing trials still to look forward to if my girls will not go into heat before that. We have no puppies to look forward to this winter, but we have plans for a very exciting litter next winter!